Harvard's Chevron Director
Enrique Hernandez:
A Mean-Spirited Corporate Predator

Human Rights Attorney Steven Donziger Chevron Director Enrique Hernandez

Harvard's Heroic
Human Rights Attorney
Steven Donziger

Harvard's Blight
Chevron Director
Enrique Hernandez

Enrique Hernandez is a Terrible Role Model for Students

Enrique Hernandez should not serve another day as a member of Harvard College's Visiting Committee and Harvard University's Resources Committee, which Chevron boasts about on its website, unless he immediately resigns from the oil giant's board of directors. As a top policymaker of Chevron since 2008, Mr. Hernandez is responsible for the brutal policies harming people and the planet for which Chevron is notorious. He is devoid of any real sense of morality, ethics, compassion, empathy or justice. In essence, Harvard's Hernandez represents a blight on Harvard and a plague on society.

The website LetsBeatChevron.org documents Chevron's worldwide crimes and environmental devastation. Its 12-member board is blamed for the festering toxic pollution and thousands of cancer related deaths, miscarriages, birth defects and other maladies in Ecuador's Amazon Rainforest, dubbed the "Amazon Chernobyl," affecting 30,000 Indigenous people. Chevron is also corrupting our federal courts and undermining the notion that America is a nation where laws, not people, rule.

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Dr. Nan Greer's report, Chevron's Global Destruction: Ecocide, Genocide, and Corruption condemning Chevron states: "Chevron appears to be among the most destructive oil companies in the world, destroying land and ocean ecosystems, poisoning rivers and streams, eliminating livelihoods, ravaging communities, and financing paramilitary violence, while filing frivolous and punitive litigations against anyone who dares to hold the company responsible for its crimes..." (Read Report)

Chevron's Global Destruction: Ecocide, Genocide, and Corruption

Chevron Got Billions in Profits
We Got Toxic Waste Pits and Cancer

Chevron's Toxic Waste Pit

Many Celebrities Speak Out Against Chevron!

Daryl Hanah

"There's entire villages, entire peoples that have been completely wiped out — ever body has died... You just go to the side of any creek bed and you just stir it with your finger, and these rainbows of oil slick come up on top of the water." —Daryl Hannah—

Trudie Styler

"I have seen firsthand the reality of the aftermath of Chevron's actions in Ecuador. I met many people there who have lost their parents, their children, and who are losing heir own lives. ... families are plagued with extremely elevated levels of childhood leukemia, spontaneous abortions, birth defects, and other serious oil-related health impacts." —Trudie Styler—

Roger Waters

"It's how governments and big businesses, like Chevron, connive with each other to ignore the rule of law in order to further their aim. So, their aims are to fill the pockets of the oligarchs with money at the expense of the ordinary people of the world who are dying as we speak." —Roger Waters—

Bianca Jagger

"To survive one has to poison oneself with contaminated water. Until ChevronTexaco addresses the environmental damage it has caused in Ecuador, it should be treated as an outlaw company that does not deserve the right to do further business ... in any country anywhere in the world." —Bianca Jagger—


"Scores of Nobel laureates are calling for Donziger to be freed. I stand with them to claim justice for the Ecuadorian communities who lost many loved ones due to toxic oil pollution as result of Chevron's illegal practices." —Sting—


"I will not reward a company that devastates the environment and brings disease and death to men, women and children to save money, Every time I see a Chevron gas station, I just drive by." —Cher—

Michael Moore

"He successfully sued oil giant Chevron on behalf of 30,000 Indigenous people for deliberately discharging 16 billion gallons of toxic waste in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Yet Chevron has not paid a dime and instead turned Donziger into the one doing time. Let's do our best to help Steven Donziger and thousands of Chevron's victims."
—Michael Moore—

Noam Chomsky

"Steven Donziger performed a major service by exposing the shocking activities of Chevron. His reward? To be targeted by a vicious corporate-judicial campaign and to be subjected to harsh punishment. This is not only a disgraceful miscarriage of justice, but also a warning to others daring to expose the crimes of powerful corporate institutions." Noam Chomsky

Erin Brokovich

"Imagine if instead of a movie telling my story, I'd gone to jail. That's essentially what has happened to Steve Donziger. So far the only people who have paid for Chevron's alleged behavior are Donziger and those affected by the contamination — the poor and indigenous Ecuadorians who continue to live every day with the pollution's effects." Erin Brockovich

Ralph Nader

"The key ally of Chevron was Judge Lewis Kaplan, who came from a corporate law firm before he was appointed to his position, where he represented the tobacco industry... And Judge Kaplan proceeded to do such partisan maneuvers and denial of due process, the likes of which I've rarely read about in American judicial history."
—Ralph Nader—

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An Appeal to Harvard University President Lawrence Bacow:
Demand Scofflaw Predator Enrique Hernandez Leave Chevron or Harvard Now!

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